Design Gels

This collection includes all types of design gels or gel polishes:

1. Platinum - chunky glitter colors, without a sticky layer

2. Elastic - pure and glitter colors for creating special nail art, very elastic and thin thread-like applying

3. Stampart - special color gels for stamping

4. Creme - thick, very pigmented painting gels, suitable for all types of painting, ombre or simply design techniques, need to be applied in a very thin layer, it has a sticky layer

5. Pasta - fluffy consistency, highly pigmented, ideal for 3D, wedding style, lace, and baroque design, cures in 1 mm high layers

6. Lace - thick consistency, doesn't have a sticky layer, suitable for all kinds of painting over the topcoat

7. Plasteline - 4D sugar paste consistency, can be molded on a flat surface, on the nail or even between fingers

8. Blossom - blossom like effect clear gel, can be used with any colors

9. GemGel - very thick clear/natural gel for jewelry and fixating crystals

10. Diamond UV glue - a special gel in a pen-like applicator, ideal for fixating crystals

11. Marble gel - applied on cured Rubber Top creates a marble-like effect